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BCGEU members covered by PSA agreements - Payment of Temporary Pandemic Pay - BCGEU

Your union has confirmed updated information about the Temporary Pandemic Pay (TPP) program with your employer.
In a shift from what was originally announced, the TPP will now be applied to all overtime hours worked by eligible employees in addition to regular hours worked. Since this change to program parameters requires additional calculations your employer will be disbursing TPP stipends in two installments in order to avoid further delays to payment. The first installment, due in October, will cover regular hours worked and the second installment will cover overtime hours.
It is our understanding from your employer that eligible employees who worked only regular hours will receive their entire payment by the end of October 2020. Employees who worked overtime hours will receive the TPP for regular hours by the end of October and will receive the TPP for overtime hours at a later date. Your employer has not yet set a date for the payment of TPP on OT hours. We will continue to push your employer for confirmation of that date and will be in contact with you as soon as we have updated information.
Attached to this bulletin for your information is a letter to your union from Don Wright, Head of the Public Service. Mr. Wright's letter acknowledges the BCGEU's work to push for resolution of the delay in processing the TPP. Mr. Wright also acknowledges that his team "should have done better" and apologizes for the impact the delay has had on BCGEU members. While this letter does not make up for the delay, we felt it was important that you see your employer's words for yourself.