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BCGEU Members size up B.C.'s worst summer of natural disasters

For many people across the province the summer of 2017 was one of angst, uncertainty, and demanding work load due to extreme wildfires and floods.

BCGEU members were front and centre in containment and rescue efforts delivered through key agencies like the B.C. Wildfire Service and Emergency Management B.C. Others across the public service took on significant roles in management, administration, communications, volunteer coordination and emergency services. Many dedicated themselves to helping vulnerable citizens and clients in their roles in community social services, seniors' care, and provincial health services.

When the B.C. government decided to undertake a significant review of the provincial wildfire and flood response earlier this year, the BCGEU initiated a wide consultation of members to document the various ways they had been affected by the unprecedented fire and flood season.

The BCGEU offers a sincere thank you to the many dedicated members who took part in its consultation and engagement efforts. This information will help to better prepare the province for future extreme wildfires and floods—a concerning “new normal” for the province.

The union has officially submitted the cumulative findings of this outreach in a submission to the B.C. government. The report is based on the direct experience of those who lived and worked on the front lines of the floods and wildfires and will be a useful resource for future disaster relief and planning efforts.

You can read the full report below:




The BC Government and Service Employees’ Union (BCGEU) represents more than 75,000 workers in various sectors and occupations in more than 550 bargaining units throughout British Columbia. Our diverse membership includes direct government employees who protect children and families, provide income assistance to vulnerable individuals, fight forest fires, deliver care to people with mental health issues and addictions, administer B.C.’s public system of liquor control, licensing and distribution, staff correctional facilities and the courts, and provide technical, administrative and clerical services.


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