BCGEU president Stephanie Smith first presenter at workers’ compensation system review public hearings

BURNABY, June 13, 2019 – The workers' compensation system has been seriously undermined by policy and legislative changes introduced by the BC Liberals in 2002. The system shifted to focus on the financial impact to employers which has resulted in an overall reduction in compensation benefits to workers both in the short and the long term, a more limited ability to appeal decisions, and a reduced focus on the merits and justice of an individual worker's case.

As the independent review of the system, led by retired labour lawyer Janet Patterson gets underway, BCGEU president Stephanie Smith will be the first to present at the public hearings. Smith's presentation will highlight key elements of the union's forthcoming written submission to the review, and emphasize that restoring a balance between workers' and employers' interests must be prioritized in order for there to be confidence in the system, and to better support ill and injured workers.

In the coming weeks, BCGEU members that have been injured on the job and struggled with the system will also present their stories to Ms. Patterson in subsequent public hearings throughout the province.

WHAT: BCGEU president to present at public hearing on workers' compensation system review

WHEN: Friday, June 14, 2019, 3:00 – 3:20 pm

WHERE: Sheraton Vancouver Guildford – 15269 104 Avenue, Surrey, B.C.

Read more about B.C.'s workers' compensation system review here; see the public hearings schedule here.