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BCGEU Recognizes the Unsung Superstars Behind the Wildfire Response - BCGEU

Over the past week, hundreds of wildfire fighters have been fighting over 200 wildfires across the province, and experts fear more wildfires are on their way.

While firefighters, RCMP and paramedics are the emergency response units we see on the highways and on television every day, there are hundreds other public servants who are making this response possible.

These are the workers doing administration, payroll, dispatchers, finance, media, coordination, contract negotiation and more. Many of these workers are also deployed away from their families during emergency situations to support the work of the first responders.

As the president of the union that represents many of these workers, I would like to recognize the important work these behind-the-scenes workers do. Without them, our wildfire crews would not get the supplies they need, their paycheck, or even the coordination needed to evacuate communities and combat the fires.

When you approach a first responder on the highways of our province and thank them for their service, be sure to also think about all the unsung superstars who have facilitated the work of those first responders.

Big thanks to all the public servants, from the wildfire crews to the office clerks, that are keeping our families safe during this crisis!

Stephanie Smith
B.C. Government and Service Employees' Union




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