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BCGEU Stands with Ontario CUPE Members - BC General Employees' Union (BCGEU)

BCGEU stands in solidarity with Ontario education workers 

We condemn the Doug Ford government for their callous attack on 55,000 education workers and their rights under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

On Thursday, they made good on their reckless promise to pass legislation making it illegal for workers to strike and forcing a contract on them. Workers who disobey the ruling will be subject to steep fines.

This legislation is an attack on the rights to free bargaining that workers fought for and won through many years of struggle. It's a dangerous precedent that should concern all citizens.

The workers targeted by this unconscionable attack on labour rights are members of CUPE OSBCU - CSCSO. They perform vital supporting roles in the public school system, include education assistants, custodians, library workers, maintenance workers, secretaries, early childhood educators and IT professionals. They are among the lowest paid in Ontario's education sector.

The BCGEU calls on the Ontario government to return to the bargaining table and bargain in good faith - the only way to reach a fair and reasonable agreement that will satisfy education workers, parents, and students.

We encourage BCGEU members to show support for Ontario education workers - visit