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BCGEU supports students’ right to campus protest

The right to peaceful protest in public places like university and college campuses is legally enshrined in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Students, staff and faculty at Canadian universities are entitled to the peaceful expression of their opinions. Campuses across the province have a responsibility to protect the safety of protesting students, as well as their right to free speech and assembly.

The BCGEU stands in solidarity with the students, staff and faculty who are peacefully demonstrating and engaging in dialogue on important human rights issues. In doing so, they continue a long-standing tradition of on-campus fights for dignity and human rights. They stand on the shoulders of many student movements throughout history, which have fought against war, occupation, racism, sexism, and the destruction of our planet.

Our union defends the rights of students to mobilize and we urge colleges and universities across the province to reject the use of force and to abstain from trying to silence these protestors. Instead, we call on university and college administrators to engage with the protestors and commit to open dialogue and empathy to find common ground on the important issues that they are fighting for.