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BCGEU wins Hours of Work dispute at Kamloops Regional Corrections Centre - BCGEU


Hours of Work Umpire Christopher Sullivan has agreed with the BCGEU position and dismissed the employer's application to adjust the hours of work schedule for staff at the Kamloops Regional Correctional Centre.
The Employer sought to replace the current 5.5 shift Pattern #38 with Pattern #40 in Appendix C of the Correctional and Sheriff Services Component Agreement, which would have been reflected as follows: 4 (7.5) on, 4 off; 4 (11.5) on, 4 off; 4 (7.5) on, 4 off; 4 (12) on, 4 off.
In dismissing the employer's application to change the 5.5 shift pattern in the Operations Department for Correctional Officers at the KRCC, the umpire ruled that "the Employer has not met its onus of showing that its proposed work schedule would result in decreased costs, and/or improved efficiency and/or improved service to the public."
Sullivan also noted in his judgement that, "there is no indication of any unwillingness from the Union to seek to address any further problematic matters that may exist or arise with the 5.5 pattern in a similarly creative way."
The result of this decision is that the current 5.5 hours of work pattern will remain in effect at KRCC.
"We would like to acknowledge the work of Local 105 chair Krissie Hayes, who represented the members at the hearing," said Component One Vice President Dean Purdy. "Shift patterns are very important to family work life balance. Our members overwhelmingly voted in favour of keeping Shift Pattern #38, so we are very pleased with the outcome."

Download a PDF copy of the decision here.