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BCIT Support - Call for Nominations for Bargaining Committee - BCGEU

Nominations are now open for the BCIT Support Bargaining Committee.
There are six spots available, as follows:

  • Chairperson of the Bargaining Committee, one position
  • Bargaining Committee Member, three positions
  • Alternate, two positions

Any BCGEU member working in the BCIT Support bargaining unit can be nominated or accept nomination to run in the election.

The election for Chairperson will be conducted first. If more than one candidate is nominated, there will be a ballot and the candidate with the most votes will be elected.  Once the Chairperson has been chosen, there will be an election for the three Bargaining Committee members and then for the alternate positions (training opportunity).

✓ Yes, you can be nominated for the Chairperson position, for the Bargaining Committee member positions and for the Alternate positions. If you are elected Chairperson, your nomination for Committee member would be unnecessary and withdrawn.  If you’re nominated for Chairperson and you want the option to run for Committee member or Alternate if you don’t win the Chairperson election, you have to be nominated before the close of nominations on September 27th, 2021.

In order to be nominated, a member and nominator must complete the attached nomination form and that form must be returned by: 12:00 pm on Monday, September 27th, 2021.

Each candidate who is nominated may complete, and send back with their nomination form, a campaign bulletin or information sheet on ONE 8.5" x 11" page which the Union will distribute to the membership with the ballots and post to the website in the event of an election. Any other campaign material used by any candidate is their responsibility. Please note that the information sheet should accompany the nomination form and the nomination forms must be signed. Please read and follow the instructions carefully.

Please email your completed nomination forms to:  [email protected]

Download PDF documents:
·         Bulletin
·         Nomination form

Thank you for your participation in this important process.  Details of the election procedure will be distributed after the nomination period closes on September 27th, 2021.

In solidarity,
Linsay Buss, Staff Representative, Negotiations