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President Smith & Component Executive tour North Fraser Pretrial Centre - BCGEU

BCGEU President Stephanie Smith toured the North Fraser Pretrial Centre yesterday morning with Dean Purdy, Vice President, Corrections and Sheriff Services Component 1 and the Component 1 executive. President Smith has now visited all correctional facilities across the province:

  • Alouette Correctional Centre for Women
  • Ford Mountain Correctional Centre
  • Fraser Regional Correctional Centre
  • Kamloops Regional Correctional Centre
  • Nanaimo Correctional Centre
  • North Fraser Pretrial Centre
  • Okanagan Correctional Centre
  • Prince George Regional Correctional Centre
  • Surrey Pretrial Services Centre
  • Vancouver Island Regional Correctional Centre
  • Burnaby Youth Custody Services Centre
  • Prince George Youth Custody Centre

Touring and visiting all of BC’s correctional facilities has been a priority for Smith, as she has heard from Component 1 members from across the province and has listened to their concerns. Prison violence continues to rise, and with the changing demographic of inmates, there are now more individuals in custody with gang affiliations, violent criminal histories, addictions and complex mental health needs.

“Being able to actually talk to the frontline workers in their environment is very powerful,” said Smith. “Touring each of BC’s correctional facilities has enabled me to hear directly from our members about what they experience day to day, and to understand the emerging issues at each facility and within the broader criminal justice system.”



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