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Call for Nominations for PRT Growing in Vernon/Armstrong Bargaining Committee - BCGEU

With your collective agreement soon expiring, it's time for our members working at PRT Growing in Vernon/Armstrong, Campbell River, Harrup and Red Rock to nominate candidates to become your new BCGEU bargaining committee.

There are four spots available, and each nursery will be represented by one member. The committee will be made up of a Chairperson and three Bargaining Committee Member positions. All members working at all four sites can vote on who will be the Chairperson.


• Chairperson of the Bargaining Committee, one position

Any BCGEU member working at any PRT nursery can be nominated for the Chairperson position. If more than one candidate is nominated, there will be a ballot of the entire membership. Each member will vote for one candidate and the candidate with the most votes will be elected. Once the Chairperson has been chosen, they will represent the entire membership, and also their respective jobsite at the bargaining table.


• Bargaining Committee Member, four positions (one of whom will be the Chairperson)

§ Vernon/Armstrong jobsite – one position

§ Campbell River jobsite – one position

§ Harrup jobsite – one position

§ Red Rock jobsite – one position

You can nominate, or accept nomination, to run in the election for the Bargaining Committee Member for the jobsite where you work.

If only one candidate is nominated at a particular jobsite, an election won't be necessary. In the event that more than one candidate is nominated at a particular jobsite, an election will be held and only employees working at that jobsite will be able to cast ballots in that election. The candidate with the most votes will be elected.

Yes, you can be nominated for both the Chairperson position and for the Bargaining Committee member position from your jobsite. The election for Chairperson will be conducted first. If you are elected Chairperson, your nomination for Committee member would be unnecessary and withdrawn. If you're nominated for Chairperson and you want the option to run for Committee member if you don't win the Chairperson election, you have to be nominated from your particular jobsite, before the close of nominations.


In order to be nominated, a member and nominator must complete the attached nomination form and that form must be returned by 5:00 pm on Monday, August 21, 2017.


Download Nomination Form here

Download as pdf