Call for Nominations – Two (2) Shop Steward Positions at Fernwood Lodge at Riverview - BCGEU

Two vacancies have become available for the position of shop steward.


The nomination form is attached. Please fill out and return to the BCGEU – Lower Mainland Area Office no later than 30 days from April 13, 2018 at 4:00 pm.


Nomination should be faxed, emailed or mailed to:


Attention: David Noble Fax: 604-215-1410

BCGEU – Lower Mainland Area Office Email: area03@bcgeu.ca

130 – 2920 Virtual Way

Vancouver, BC V5M 0C4


The Role of the Shop Steward

The role of the steward will be to speak up on your behalf. The role of the steward is quiet broad. They are the link to the members and employer at the worksite. Stewards also have connections to other unions and the community through attending conventions, labour council meetings, labour educational sessions and other events. The role of the steward is not just to enforce the collective agreement and protect your rights but to:

· Listens to your concerns and issues, stewards are bound by confidentiality;

· Assist members in understanding rights under your collective agreement;

· Explain the grievance procedure and help fill out the grievance form;

· Help members in resolving problems before they come a grievance;

· Be a neutral party on issues and represent the members in the workplace;

· Make sure the Union board is kept updated;

· Attend orientation sessions at the worksite with new employees to sign them up to the Union;

· Encourage members to attend local meetings and union community events;

· Act as a liaison between the worksite, the local and the area office;

· Inform members on what's happening within the local and the Union as a whole in areas such as bargaining, educational activities, member's benefits inside and outside of the Union.

Training: The BCGEU provides training for our stewards. The BCGEU is built through the commitment of the women and men who are stewards. Our workplace leaders are making a difference in the workplace and in the community.




In solidarity,


David Noble, Staff Representative

Download Nomination Form.pdf