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CBA members redeployed to FBA Worksites - BCGEU

The Community Bargaining Association (CBA) lead by the BCGEU has finalized a Memorandum of Understanding with the Health Employers Association of British Columbia (HEABC) to address the rare circumstances where an employee covered by the CBA agreement has been temporarily redeployed to work at a site covered by the Facilities Agreement.

In those cases CBA employees will receive a wage adjustment each pay period to ensure they being paid the same hourly rate as those they are working alongside. This will only apply to actual straight time hours worked at the FBA worksite as well as overtime and union leave.

It does not change any other terms and conditions of employment and you continue to be covered by the CBA agreement.

This does not apply to a member that was formerly assigned to a worksite as part of the single site process.

If you have any questions about this change please contact your steward or a local officer.

In solidarity,
Richard Tones, Staff Representative - Negotiations


Download PDF of notice here