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Celebrating Social Work Month - BCGEU

March is Social Work Month, a time to celebrate the contributions of thousands of BCGEU social workers in our province. There are hundreds of these dedicated professionals who are members of your union's Component 4, Health Services.
Social Workers in health care work with clients and families to address issues including: illness, anxiety, depression, caregiver challenges, palliative care/bereavement, dementia behaviour management, chronic disease management, mental health and substance use. They support children and youth all the way through adulthood to seniors. Social workers are extraordinary advocates, working for members of our population that have complex health, social and housing issues.
"Social workers in health care work in our communities, delivering crucial services for our province's most vulnerable," says Mahen Ramdharry, vice president, BCGEU Health Services. "They spend each and every day working hard to improve the lives of individuals and families. Please join me in recognizing these workers for their ongoing professionalism, compassion and commitment."