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Children's Circle Daycare Society - Bargaining committee elections - BCGEU

Your current Collective Agreement expires on March 1, 2020 and it is time to prepare for your next round of bargaining.  You should all begin thinking about bargaining proposal suggestions and, of course, a new Bargaining Committee must be elected.  We are looking for one more person to be nominated for the Bargaining Committee and therefore extending the deadline to November 18, 2019.  Cindy Morrison is an acclaimed Bargaining Committee Member.

  • Call for Bargaining Committee Nominations:  Nominations remain open for one Bargaining Committee Member.  
  • All Nomination Forms Must be Received at the Kamloops BCGEU Office by noon on November 18, 2019.  Nomination Forms are attached.  Additional forms may be obtained from the Kamloops BCGEU Office.  Nomination Forms must be fully completed in order to be accepted.  Only signed members of the Union are eligible for election.
  • Election Process:  A bulletin providing “nomination results” will be sent out shortly after the closing date.  If more nominations than available positions are received, an election will be conducted.
  • First Call for Bargaining Proposals:  Please jot down your ideas as you think of them.  A Bargaining Questionnaire to formalize your proposals will be circulated once the new Bargaining Committee has been elected.
  • We look forward to your interest and participation in the upcoming bargaining process.

Download PDF of notice here 
Download nomination form here