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City of Fort St. John - Sick bank

FYI_colDear Brothers and Sisters

The union is sending out this information to ensure all of the members who work for the City of Fort St. John are aware of the procedure for applying to the sick bank, if it is required.

We are also looking for new members to join the sick bank committee.

The procedure to apply for time out of the Union Sick Bank is as follows:

1)      If an employee is sick, he or she enters it on their timesheet. It is the employee’s responsibility to know if they have enough sick leave hours. Employee’s personal sick leave bank hours are at the bottom of their time sheet. Payroll enters the timesheet.

2)      If there are not enough hours in the employee’s sick bank and the member has not addressed it, payroll notifies member of sick bank committee to inform them that the member has insufficient hours.

3)      A committee member contacts the employee’s supervisor.

4)      Supervisor contacts the employee and notifies them of the requirement to apply to the sick bank in order to have wages covered.

5)      The employee must write a letter to the committee requesting coverage and submit it to one of the committee members. It is important to indicate on the letter specifics of the request. It should indicate which days you are applying for and how many hours for each day. Ie.

June 28th – 5 hrs

June 29th – 7 hrs

June 30th – 7 hrs

The committee needs to break it down for payroll so this saves time in the processing.

6)      The employee must provide a Physician’s Report Form to Human Resources in order to qualify for the sick time applied for. If the employee cannot provide required form, it is usually refused. Please note, the Physicians Report goes to Human Resources NOT the Sick Bank Committee.

7)      Human Resources confirms receipt of Physician’s Report form.

8)      Committee writes letter to Human Resources advising of the approval or denial of the application. A copy will be forwarded to payroll, the employee, and the BCGEU

9)      As advised by copy of the letter, payroll will either process the payment, or not.


NOTE: Applications received more than 30 days after the illness will not be approved.

Sick Leave Bank Language can be found in article 19.5 of the Collective Agreement.

The sick leave committee is also looking for two more committee members. The current committee member is Sam Wallace. If you are willing to participate as a committee member, please advise Sam as soon as possible.

If you have questions please address them to Sam and we will work to get you the information you are looking for as quickly as possible.

Thank you.

In solidarity

Sam Wallace, Sick Bank Committee Member

Angie Panoulias, Staff Representative