CLBC-BCGEU Collaboration Group Delegate Nomination Results - BCGEU

Nominations closed on Oct 31, 2017 for the mid-term vacancy for the CLBC-BCGEU Collaboration Group delegate employed in the Practice and Service Advisor (PSA) occupational group. 

One nomination was received in the name of Alex MacCuaig. Alex is thus acclaimed into the vacant position without the need for an election. 

Alexander works at the Integrated Service Office in Victoria. We're happy to welcome Alexander to the collaboration group and look forward to him joining us at the meeting at the end of November. 

Your delegates to the CLBC-BCGEU Collaboration Group in alphabetical order are:

  • Nancy Bell (Admin)
  • Alexander MacCuaig (PSA)
  • Lillian Tugwell (QS)
  • Glenda Williams (QS)

The mandate of the CLBC-BCGEU Collaboration Group can be found in Memorandum of Understanding #29 in the collective agreement CLBC Collective Agreement link. We will continue to advance those goals during the term of this agreement with your feedback and support. 

Your BCGEU-CLBC Collaboration Group,

Nancy Bell, Alexander MacCuaig, Lillian Tugwell, Glenda Williams

Brent Camilleri, Coordinator, Negotiations

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