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CLBC reorganization survey results

Earlier this year BC Government and Service Employees’ Union delegates to the BCGEU-CLBC Collaboration Group (CBCG) surveyed the membership concerning the reorganization of Community Living BC (CLBC). This bulletin is a summary report of the findings of that survey.


A random sample of one-third of CLBC’s entire BCGEU workforce was the basis for the survey. The survey was conducted over three nights by telephone interview. The list was called repeatedly over the three nights and roughly half of those on the list answered the survey. We thank BCGEU members in the Lower Mainland who assisted with this process.

Summary Results      

The most marked differences in thoughts about the reorganization were found between those working in urban and rural environments.

On the question of how overall service delivery would be affected, the majority of rural members believed the impact would be positive while a majority of the urban members felt the opposite. Within the urban group, the 75 per cent of the Community Planning and Development (CPD) subset thought the impact would be negative compared to 44 per cent of the Quality Service (QS) respondents.

On the question of whether CLBC will be a better place to work as a result of the reorganization, few thought it would improve things, and equal numbers felt there would be either no change or it would make things worse. 85.7 per cent of rural CPD respondents believed the reorganization would make CLBC a worse place to work.

There was a perhaps unsurprising belief that having representatives of CLBC staff on the reorganization steering committee would improve the outcomes.

Strong majorities across categories expect that reorganization will increase their workload. This expectation was highest in the QS group with 74.28 per cent having this opinion. The expectation was slightly greater among rural QS respondents at 81.82 per cent as compared to 70.83 per cent of urban QS respondents.

The information gathered from this survey will be used by the BCGEU-CBCG members and brought forward for ongoing discussions within the collaboration group.

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