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Community Builders Group Right to a Representation - BCGEU

As per Article 11.6 Right To Have A Union Representative Present, you have the right to a steward for any meeting with a Supervisor or Manager that "might be the basis of disciplinary action". You have the right to know in advance "the purpose of the interview". This includes an investigation that could result in discipline.
You have a right to select your steward as long as it does not result in "an undue delay".
If the manager tells you the meeting is "not disciplinary" but during the course of the meeting you start to feel that is it – you have the right to request that the meeting be stopped and rescheduled so you can get a steward. However, if the Employer insists that the meeting proceed then follow the "work now–grieve later" rule. Contact a steward after to file a grievance if you felt forced to sit through a disciplinary meeting without a steward. 
Supervisors and managers can direct your work and give you non-disciplinary feedback or instruction without a steward present. 
A list of stewards should be available on your union board. You can also send an email to [email protected] to request steward contact information.
In solidarity
Fateh Born
Staff Representative

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