REVISED Community Health Bargaining Conference - BCGEU

The Community Health Bargaining Conference wound up yesterday. The two days were filled with discussion and debate on the most important priorities to improve working conditions for all workers in the sector.

The election of 2 delegates and 2 alternates for the Bargaining Committee were also completed at the conference. Congratulations to Darlene Gallant and Masoud Aminzavvar on their election to the Bargaining Committee and welcome. Congratulations to Amena Cleveland Brenda Landry and Karen Reeves Amena Cleveland who were elected as the 1st and 2nd alternates respectively. To all the candidates who allowed their names to stand for election, thank you for your enthusiasm and your willingness to serve your fellow members.

Your Bargaining Committee is:

Scott de Long, Chair; Masoud Aminzavvar, Susanne Bellefontaine, MJ Colquhoun, Darlene Gallant, Florentina Kelly, and Laurie-Ann Proudfoot.

In addition to the elected bargaining committee, Executive Vice-President Susanne Skidmore has been assigned to the Community Health bargaining table by President Stephanie Smith.

Staff reps assigned are Deb Wilson and Brent Camilleri. Donna Weiss is assigned as support staff.

Approximately 600 bargaining surveys and 12 responses to the request for proposals made by email and mail have been received to date. Your Bargaining Committee will be pouring over all of this information to ensure that your feedback is an integral part of the bargaining process.

Delegates to the bargaining conference from four occupational groups created a set of priorities addressing the key concerns for this round of negotiations that are most relevant to their occupational group. Here are the priorities that they created:

Ranked Priorities


Rank Monetary aside from Wages Non-Monetary
1 20.3 (b) (iii) Special Leave – remove “when no one at the employee’s home … family member” Classifications, benchmarks, job descriptions – define “other related duties” to fall within the scope of benchmarks;

20.1 Bereavement Leave increased from 3 days to 5 days

Psychological safety – to include workload stress

3 20.3 (b) Special Leave – add “and medical appointments of immediate family” Yearly ergonomic assessment by Occupational Therapist reportable to OSH Committee
4 20 expand definition of immediate family to include “aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, sister-in-law, brother-in-law”  

18.1 (b) – year 1 at 15 days and add one day every year thereafter



Mental Health and Addictions

Rank Monetary aside from Wages Non-Monetary

Shift Differential Premiums – FBA rates

Better OSH language – staff:client ratio; filling vacant shifts; reviewing minimum staffing levels for different sites / days of week; giving all OSH members be able to attend OSH meetings; employer paid CMHA mental health first aid for all employees;
2 Benefits – coverage for drugs outside Pharmacare Better access to special leave – personal and/or mental health days
3 Pay out of sick bank at termination of employment Union leave is mandatory for approval
4 s Letters of expectation removed after 24 months


Community Health Workers – Affiliates and Health Authorities

Rank Monetary Non-Monetary
1 Shift Premiums – FBA rates 40 hour work weeks with no windows or gaps for regular workers

Minimum of 30 minutes of care for cluster care

Overtime offered by seniority
3 Four personal days Workloads and workload issues better defined

Two 15 minute scheduled paid breaks

Definition of full-time and part-time
5 Travel time increased from 10 minutes to 15 minutes Staffing proportional to number of clients – e.g. lifts
6 Casual access to special leave Change 3 month requirement for posting to 2 months



Rank Monetary Non-Monetary
1 Wage Increase to FBA including reclassification and review of job duties Training to standards with well seasoned schedulers
2 Severance – one week for every year retro to hire date – paid on any termination Implement one Scheduler 2 position at each site at which there is currently a scheduler in place of employment
3 Paid out for sick time on termination All sites become Health Authority sites
4 Shift Premiums – parity with FBA Four additional personal days
5   Workload and backfill – use number of CHW’s, clients and geography that must be scheduled in a day to compare workloads and determine what’s acceptable for a single scheduler

Union leave must be approved


Offer overtime by seniority

    Detailed pay stubs – vacation bank and usage, payroll correction, special leave usage, sick bank and usage; legend explaining the codes;
8   Staff meetings/ education day monthly with pay

Correct seniority lists – transparency on reporting


Payroll corrections must be done on the next pay period; sufficient staff for this to happen

11   Stronger bullying / harassment language
12   Unionized scheduling supervisor – strong knowledge of scheduling and collective agreement

In solidarity,
Deb Wilson, Staff Representative – Negotiations
Brent Camilleri, Coordinator – Negotiations

Download PDF of notice here