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Community Social Services workers delivering essential services every day - BCGEU

Send us a photo of you at work!

To tell the story of the important work that all of you continue to do, we have been running a very successful campaign on social media with BCGEU members sharing photos of themselves at work. We'd love to hear from you in Community Social Services!

Please participate in our social media campaign by providing a photograph of yourself at work performing your essential duties at work or at home during the pandemic (keeping clients' privacy protected) and email those photos to If you have concerns about the privacy of clients or more generally of your employer's position on taking photos at work, please let us know at the above email and we are happy to reach out on your behalf.

Please ensure that you are checking the BCGEU website and, in particular, the COVID-19 hub and the CSS-specific microsite for information directly related to workers in the CSS sector. If you have questions directly related to occupational health and safety, contact your OHS representative or steward, or email If you have other general COVID-related questions, email

In solidarity,

Andrea Duncan,
Component 3 Vice-President