Comparability Increase Grievance Settlement for BCGEU members at Lookout - BCGEU

In the last round of negotiations of the Community Health Agreement which covers Lookout members, the parties agreed to give "comparability increases" to certain classifications covering about 80% of members in the Community Subsector. The parties could not agree on the list of eligible classifications and went to arbitration. In June of 2016, Arbitrator Vince Ready delivered his Decision giving the increases to the following classifications: Administrative Support 3, Activity Worker, Administrative Support 4, Community Health Worker 2, Resident Care Aide, Support Worker 1, Scheduler 1, Scheduler 2, and Support Worker 2. These classifications were to receive a 1% increase starting in April 2016, an additional 0.5% in April of 2017, and another 0.5% in April of 2018 (in addition to the general wage increases negotiated.)


As many of the job titles at Lookout are benchmarked to the classifications impacted by the Ready Decision, many members received the increase and backdated wages accordingly after the decision in 2016. However, it recently came to the Union's attention that some of the classifications at Lookout were not receiving the comparability increase as mandated. The Union filed a grievance on behalf of all members at Lookout, seeking redress and back wages for all impacted members.


In discussion with the Union, the Employer advised that this was a clerical error and would be fixed right away. The Employer assured the Union that all impacted members would receive the wage increases as per the Ready Decision, and that all backdated wages would be reimbursed.


Though a significant number of BCGEU members at Lookout will receive this reimbursement on their paycheque – not all members at Lookout were impacted by the Ready Decision. Only members whose jobs are classified as one of the benchmarks listed above, who did not already receive the increase as mandated in 2016, will receive the reimbursement.


We are pleased we were able to come to a speedy and thorough resolution to the grievance for our members. If you are unsure if this reimbursement should apply to you, please contact a shop steward at your worksite for assistance.


In solidarity,


Megan McKinney

Staff Representative




Local 467/MoveUP

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