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Component 5- Completing your bargaining survey - BCGEU

You should have received an email on September 22 prompting you to complete the B.C. Public Service 2022 Bargaining Survey.

As you know, you're one of 30,000 workers employed in B.C.'s public service, and our collective agreements with the Province of British Columbia are due to expire March 31, 2022. As part of the bargaining process, your input is needed to help determine priorities.

As your representative on the BCGEU Public Service Bargaining Committee, I encourage you to complete the survey. Here are a few tips to complete it: 

    • Your Classification: This is the classification title and grid level of your position. These can be found in Appendix 3C and Appendix 3G of the Main Public Service Agreement. Please enter yours on the first page of the survey. Examples of position classifications are:
        • R9 Clerk
        • R15 Supervisor
        • R16 Assistant Manager
        • Auxiliary clerk
        • WW2
        • WW3
        • R13 Assistant Shipper
        • Cannabis Consultant
  • Your Work Location: Enter the name/location of your store or warehouse. You can also include the number of your store if you know it.
  • Your Ministry/Agency: Enter "Ministry of Finance" or "BC Liquor Distribution Branch" as both are accurate.

In solidarity,
Kusam Doal, Vice President - Component 5 Retail Stores and Warehouse