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This page contains a variety of member tools and resources specific to your individual component.

COVID-19 Resources

C1 COVID-19 bulletins:
Risk Assessments:

Occupational Health & Safety and WCB

WCB 2012-2013 Correctional Centre site inspections and written orders

WCB Inspection Reports and written orders for facilities operated by the Attorney General and the Solicitor General's ministries

WCB 2016 Correctional Centre KRCC, VIRCC, NFPC & SPSC site inspections and written orders.

Bargaining MOU'S, MOA'S, Letters (Not in the Component or Master Agreement)

Part-time Regular (PTR) Agreements

Component 1 Memorandum of Understandings and Memorandum of Agreements

Functional Work Group Agreements for Substitution in Adult Corrections

Hours of Work

Classification and Component 1 Benchmarks

Reports and Surveys

Neil Boyd Surveys

Neil Boyd is a professor and criminologist at Simon Fraser University. He conducted these studies for the Component. Click to download PDF versions of these surveys, which examine the practices and conditions of corrections and deputy sheriffs in British Colombia, and how they affect corrections officers, deputy sheriffs, the inmates and the public.

Report Card on the Criminal Justice System #2 (March 2018)

2015 BC Corrections Count Projections

Public Services Foundation - Crisis in Correctional Services (April 2015)

United Nations: Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners 

Auditor General: Audit of the Adult Custody Division's Correctional Facilities and Programs (January 2015) 

Throness Report: Standing Against Violence - A Safety Review of BC Corrections (2014)

Justice Denied: The Causes of B.C.’s Criminal Justice System Crisis (BCCLA 2012)

Justice Delayed: A Report of the Provincial Court of British Columbia Concerning Judicial Resources (2010)

PTSD in Corrections (2003)

Corrections and Sheriffs Provincial Joint Union/Management 3.1 Meetings 

  • Meeting minutes - You will need a My BCGEU member account to view these minutes.  Don't have one? You can sign up here.

Article 29 Committees

Article 29 Committees are established under the collective agreement between the BCGEU and the BC Public Service Agency.

The committees deal with non-bargaining matters such as workplace issues causing grievances and misunderstandings. The committees make recommendations to the union and employer.

Article 29 Committee List

If you have an issue that you think should be dealt with at the committee please contact the union representative in the Committee List below.

Article 29 Minutes

To view Article 29 minutes relevant to your component, please click on the sector below:

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Shop Steward Information

Coroners' Verdicts

Click links below to download PDF versions of recent coroner's verdicts affecting Component 1 members.


Elections Manual


Public Exit Survey

The BCGEU is seeking essential information on why members are leaving or changing public service jobs with the B.C. Government. We believe your responses will help us better serve our membership.