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Component 1 includes members who work as Correctional Officers in provincial prisons and as Deputy Sheriffs for the B.C. Sheriff Services.


June 12, 2017

Provincial judge condemns inmate’s assault on officer - BCGEU

A BC provincial court judge who handed down a 14-month sentence to an inmate of Surrey Pretrial Services Centre for assaulting a correctional officer denounced the inmate for his actions. The victim, a long-time BCGEU member, was the target of a vicious assault using fecal matter. Read more details of the trial here In Judge Peder Gulbransen's reasons for sentence, he said: "The court must deno...

June 12, 2017

Corrections & Sheriffs – Lunch and coffee breaks must be provided - BCGEU

All employees shall have two, 15-minute rest periods in each work period in excess of six hours, one rest period to be granted before and one after the meal period. Employees working a shift of three and one half hours, but not more than six hours, shall receive one rest period during such a shift. Rest periods shall not begin until one hour after the commencement of work or not later than one ...