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Component 1 includes members who work as Correctional Officers in provincial prisons and as Deputy Sheriffs for the B.C. Sheriff Services.


May 01, 2020

Component 1 COVID-19 Update - Friday, May 1 - BCGEU

Priority testing and follow up  The government's Occupational Health and Rehabilitation (OHR) department has developed a process offering correctional staff access to priority COVID-19 testing and COVID-19 related support similar to that available to healthcare workers. The process includes the involvement of OHR in the return to work of staff who have been off due to COVID-19 related reasons. ...

April 30, 2020

Local 104 Executive By-Election – Re-Election - FRCC - BCGEU

The union is redoing the election for the position of 1st Vice Chair of District V, Fraser Regional Correctional Centre (FRCC). Pursuant to a review of section 8(e)(iii) of the Local Bylaws, only Local 104 members at FRCC will be entitled to vote in this election. Section 8(e) also states, "… one executive member shall be elected from each 'district' by the members from that district only." You...

April 24, 2020

Component 1 Covid19 Update: New mitigation measures re masks - BCGEU

After weeks of strong advocacy by your union-including component VP, Dean Purdy as well as representatives of OH&S committees, Locals and our reps in the joint Provincial Officer Safety Risk Assessment (Local 104 Chair Brandon Cox, Local 105 Chair Krissie Hayes &BCGEU OH&S Staff Rep Brian Campbell)-we are glad to announce that the Adult Custody Division (ACD) has changed its positio...

April 20, 2020

Updated COVID-19 information for BCGEU members in the B.C. public service - B...

The information contained in this FAQ applies to BCGEU members who work for direct government in the B.C. public service. Updated material is in red. Download COVID-19 FAQ sheet here. UWU/MoveUP

April 17, 2020

Component 1 COVID-19 Update - Friday, April 17 - BCGEU

Representatives of the BCGEU and Adult Custody Division (ACD) have produced a Provincial COVID-19 Officer Safety risk assessment that lays out recommended steps to ensure officer safety in the pandemic environment. Many thanks to Local 104 Chair Brandon Cox, Local 105 Chair Krissie Hayes and BCGEU Staff Representative Brian Campbell for their many long days of hard work on this critical project...

April 09, 2020

Component 1 members update on the most current issues around COVID-19 - BCGEU

We continue to be very busy all around the province in Adult Custody, Youth Custody and Sheriff Services. As of today, there is still only one positive inmate case of COVID-19 and as you are aware this is at OCC. There have been many rumors going around so I hope this will help dispel some of them. Safety and risk assessmentsWe are communicating with ACD regularly to ensure measures continue to...

April 02, 2020

BCGEU Letter to the PSA – COVID-19 update - BCGEU

Since Coronavirus was declared a public health crisis several weeks ago to the declaration of COVID-19 as a global pandemic last month, thousands of you have raised concerns to your stewards, local chairs and component vice presidents about impacts on your work. Your union has been working hard with your employers to address those concerns as quickly and effectively as possible in this time of ...

April 02, 2020

C1 - First confirmed case of COVID-19 - Update Apr 2 - BCGEU

Component 1 Update: First confirmed case of COVID-19   First Confirmed case of COVID-19 Adult Custody Division (ACD) has confirmed the first inmate to test positive for COVID-19 at Okanagan Correctional Centre (OCC). The inmate is asymptomatic but will continue on isolation droplet protocols for 14 days. Healthcare staff are investigating how many staff and others may have had contact with the ...

April 02, 2020

Public Service - I think I contracted COVID-19 at work - BCGEU

COVID-19 FAQ for BCGEU members covered by the Main Public Service Agreement   I have COVID-19 and I think I contracted it while at work. What do I do?  If you suspect you were exposed and infected with COVID-19 due to the nature of your employment, you may be eligible to claim compensation for wage loss. Here’s what to do:  Be sure you meet the conditions set out by WorkSafeBC to make a wage ...