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Component 1 Alert- COVID-19 Update - BCGEU

The COVID-19 situation in your workplaces may be complex and changing rapidly. Follow your employer's direction. But, if you have any concerns that your employer has not addressed, bring it to their attention and the attention of a member of your OH&S Committee. Please remember that in all cases you have the right to refuse unsafe work. Further details regarding your right to refuse unsafe work below.

If you have travelled internationally in the last two weeks, are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, or have been in contact with anyone who is confirmed to have COVID-19, stay home and follow self-isolation directions provided by the BC Centre for Disease Control.In the circumstance of COVID-19 related absences as outlined here, an STO2 form or certificate would not be required by your employer to start sick pay.Further general information can be found at the BC Centre for Disease Control website, or at the BCGEU website page dedicated to COVID-19.

The BCGEU calls upon BC Corrections, BC Sheriff Services and Youth Custody Services to protect the safety of our members by closing programs, barring external visitors, isolating symptomatic inmates in isolation living units, cancelling musters and otherwise distancing employees from one another and inmates and clients to the fullest extent possible. Each worksite should conduct its own risk assessment to address this issue.

Your Component 1 executive understands our members are going to face difficult times in the near future with a lot of uncertainty in the Provincial Correctional Facilities & Sheriff Services. The safety of our members who work the front lines is paramount and you have the right like any other worker to remain safe.

Download PDF of right to refuse unsafe work notice here