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Component 1 Update: Corrections & Sheriffs 40 Hour Work Week & Component 1 Bargaining - BCGEU

Prior to the last round of bargaining the component 1 membership in 6 out of the 7 locals submitted proposals mandating your bargaining committee to negotiate the expansion of the 35-hour work week up to 40 hours. The committee listened to the membership and negotiated a letter outlining how this process will work.

Following the ratification of the public service agreement in 2018, negotiations on a possible 40-hour work week for sheriffs, adult custody and youth custody sectors began last fall. All three committees continue to work very hard on a proposal that clearly outlines potential contract changes, pay and shift patterns for these sectors.

Once proposals are finalized and agreed to by the union committees and employer, detailed information will be sent to members outlining our next steps. These next steps will include a detailed account of what a 40 hour work week would look like in your division, specifically with schedules, and a vote on whether or not you will choose to move to a 40 hour work week. 

Your component executive bargaining committee continues to engage with the employer to identify areas of concern that members raised subsequent to ratification. We also hope to bring the tentative component agreement back to you for a re-vote after these discussions.