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Component 1 Update (Sheriffs): May 29, 2020 - BCGEU

Joint Occupational Health & Safety Working Group

Component 1 Executive Member at Large (Sheriffs) Dave Iorizzo, Local 104 Member at Large Rick Holzapfel, and BCGEU Staff Representative Brian Campbell are meeting weekly with the Employer as part of a Joint Occupational Health & Safety Working Group.

Provincial Sheriff Risk Assessment

Dave Iorizzo, Rick Holzapfel and Brian Campbell have also worked many hours on a joint Provincial Sheriff Risk Assessment (PSRA). The PSRA is almost complete, with only the issue of appropriate masks for the workplace remaining to be resolved. It is hoped that the PSRA will be completed by next week. We will keep you updated.

Local Joint Occupational Health & Safety Committees

Despite workplace closures throughout the Province, local JOHS Committees should still be meeting. This is important for local JOHS committees in advance of the planned reopening of courthouses. Courthouse reopening dates have not yet been set, but local JOHS committees will have a role to play in that process when it does occur. The BCGEU will provide further information in that regard as it becomes available.

COVID-19 Related Safety Concerns

If you have any COVID-19 related workplace safety concerns, contact your supervisor, a local JOHS committee member, or the BCGEU at [email protected] .

Pandemic Pay

Many members have been asking when they will be receiving their pandemic pay. The Government has not set one date for payment, which has been left to individual employers. If you have questions about pandemic pay, please ask your employer or check out the BCGEU's and Government links below.

Provincial government announces details of pandemic pay program for essential workers

Pandemic pay supports front-line health, social workers
B.C. COVID-19 Temporary Pandemic Pay


In solidarity,

Dean Purdy
Component 1 Chair & BCGEU Vice President