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Component 4 Election Results - BC General Employees' Union (BCGEU)

The Component 4 Executive election results are as follows. Congratulations Executive!
Table Officers:
Mahen Ramdharry – Vice-President
Cina Opel – First Vice-Chair
Richard Ziemianski – Second Vice-Chair
Eleine Gordon – Third Vice-Chair
Thomas Christen – Treasurer
Meaghan Mallough – Recording Secretary
Members at Large:
Joel Blanco, Local 401
Bhajan Tathgar, Local 401
Sandra Dee Barndt, Local 403
Andrea Johnson, Local 403
Roshni Singh, Local 404
Suzanne Steffen, Local 404
Roseanne Parsons, Local 404
Arlyn Mariano, Local 404
Sean Rutsatz, Local 405
Aaron McCallum, Local 407
Jered Dennis, Local 407
Rory Pownall, Local 409
Verena Briker-Schwegler, Local 412
Equity Member Rep – Vacant
Young Worker Rep – Vacant
HSP Sectoral Council Rep – Vacant
In solidarity
Mahen Ramdharry
Vice President, Component 4

Download PDF of notice here