Component 8 Bargaining Committee - BCGEU

The Community Health Bargaining Conference concluded on May 3. Elections were held to fill the last two positions. During the conference, priorities were identified and prioritized. The Bargaining Committee will be meeting a couple more times prior to the commencement of full bargaining on May 16. When possible updates will be issued. Your Bargaining Committee is prepared to work hard on your behalf to get a fair deal. The Bargaining Committee would like to thank the members in attendance from all over the province and different job classifications for their input.

Your Community Health Bargaining Committee includes:

  • Scott DeLong, Chair (801)                                     Alternates:
  • Darlene Gallant (801)                                            Brenda Laundry (811)
  • Florentina Kelly (803)                                            Amena Cleveland (801)
  • Masoud Aminzavvar (803)
  • MJ Colquhoun (804)
  • Laurie Proudfoot (809)
  • Susanne Bellefontaine (812)


Download PDF of notice here


In solidarity,

Scott DeLong
Vice President, Component 8