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Congratulations to the 2022 BCGEU Scholarship Winners. - BC General Employees' Union (BCGEU)

The BCGEU is pleased to support our 2022 scholarship recipients in their continuing education.

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(Winners will be mailed a letter with instructions on how to claim their scholarship).


This year, applicants were asked to write an essay on one of five topics:


  1. The BC provincial government recently passed legislation for paid sick leave for all workers. Do you think this legislation provides adequate protection for all workers? What changes would improve this provision?

  2. The current state of the world poses many challenges-from climate change, pandemics, war, racism, poverty, homelessness, and violence. It can feel overwhelming. Tell us why you have hope for the future. How can a democratic labour movement bring forward these changes? What is the role of workers in creating a different world?

  3. Tell us about a recent union action that inspired you (job action, strike, membership drive). What did you learn? How can those lessons be applied to create change for workers?

  4. What changes or resources can employers and governments provide to support the good health of workers and their families? What systemic changes are needed in workplaces, schools, and governments to support the mental and physical health of our communities?

  5. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission's 94 Calls to Action were released in 2015. In the past seven years, little significant action has been taken by governments. What steps should be taken to move this process forward in a meaningful and impactful way? What Call to Action do you believe should be prioritized and why?


You can read some of the top winning essays below: 

· Jasmine Burguillos

· Amy de Boer

· Tesnim Mtiraoui

· Kaia Nitchie