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Conversion and Regular Employment Status - BCGEU

Many LDB employees have received a letter from the Employer regarding conversions from auxiliary to regular status.

Decades ago, the Union negotiated the language of Article 31.1 (b) to ensure the Employer would be prevented from employing auxiliary employees in perpetuity, without any obligation to create regular positions or provide the benefits and job security that come with regular employment. 

To promote the creation of regular jobs, the Union negotiated certain provisions. Pursuant to Article 31.1(b) of the Public Service Collective Agreement, the Employer is required to convert auxiliary employees to regular status when they attain the threshold status of working 1827 hours in 33 pay periods, and are employed for work which is of a continuous full-time or part-time nature.

Under the previous contract, the Employer allowed auxiliary employees who met the requirements of Article 31.1(b) the option of declining a conversion to regular status. At component bargaining, the Employer put the Union on notice that it now intends to follow the language in Article 31.1 (b) of the Public Service Agreement and will no longer allow auxiliary employees the option of declining conversion. 

The Union strongly promotes the creation of regular employment. At the same time, we recognize that some auxiliary employees who have been continuously employed for years, may not be prepared for automatic conversion, due to their personal circumstances (i.e. childcare). The Union will revisit this issue with the Employer to discuss individual concerns. In the meantime, the Employer's position is that it will proceed to assign conversion to regular status without allowing auxiliary employees the option to decline.

This letter does not apply to the 76 conversions in the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) negotiated at bargaining, most of which have already been completed. The most recent list of outstanding conversions from the MOU are: #175 Caulfield, #52 Terrace (1 remaining, 1 completed), #170 Sardis, #203 South Burnaby, and #300 Broadway and Lillooet (1 remaining, 3 completed). Please note that the option to decline applies ONLY to the conversions listed under this MOU.

Please continue to bring your concerns forward to your steward, local executive or area office. We will discuss your concerns with the Employer and try to work out an arrangement that works for all parties.

In solidarity,

Kusam Doal
Vice President, Retail Stores and Warehouse 
BC Government and Service Employees' Union