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COVID-19 pay allowance application and instructions – COVID-19 update, Component 4 - BCGEU

COVID-19 pay allowance application and instructions

As noted in the bulletin on Monday (see bulletin here), there is a fund for Health Sciences Professionals (HSPs) to pay for a COVID-19 pay allowance equivalent to $4 per straight time hour worked to a maximum of $300 per pay period for frontline workers who are most directly impacted by COVID-19 due to their job.
The previous bulletin included a list of professions but it is important to note that list has no bearing on eligibility for the allowance and was communicated in the interest of transparency because it reflects the language of the agreement.
The eligibility criteria for the allowance are as follows:

A) HSPs who work in direct patient care and who are not able to social
distance (6 feet away) from patients for 100% of their time worked or;

B) HSPs who work with material or samples that may be infectious and
where exposure to novel coronavirus may occur (i.e. laboratories).
It is important to understand how that criteria applies to your job. For instance, HSPs who can socially distance at all times in all circumstances during their work would not be eligible under category A; however, HSPs who cannot socially distance 100% of the time-no matter how infrequent the exceptions-would be eligible. And category B is intended to cover HSPs who work with biomaterials, not just those who work with equipment.
The application will require you to submit pay stubs that cover the entirety of the eligibility period of April 1 to 30th inclusive. In other words, you will not be able to complete and submit an application until you have your pay stub for April 30th in hand. For most HSPs, this will be May 8th at the earliest.
The application form is being developed and, once finalized will be sent out to all BCGEU HSP members. 
Any questions about eligibility or application can be directed to the COVID-19 hotline at [email protected]