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COVID-19 unpaid vaccination leave - BCGEU

COVID-19 unpaid vaccination leave

Our union welcomed government's announcement today to provide better protections for workers requiring leave to get vaccinated for COVID-19. As part of B.C.'s Immunization Plan, part-time and full-time workers are now entitled to take unpaid leave from work to get the vaccine. This is a result of changes to the Employment Standards Act that also include taking time off work to take a dependant family member to get vaccinated. Click here to read the full details of the announcement

Along with taking this step to protect workers, we also look forward to government making good on their promise to explore options to provide workers with paid leave while getting their vaccine – something our union continues to fight for. 

Also announced are changes to allow a worker to take job-protected leave if they need to care for other family members because of COVID-19, and not only a child or dependent adult as previously defined. Changes also allow workers with underlying conditions, who are undergoing treatment or who have contracted another illness that makes them more susceptible to COVID-19, to take the leave.
And remember, as a unionized worker you may already be entitled to paid leave from work to get vaccinated. Please check your collective agreement for details on leave entitlement or contact your steward if you have questions.