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CVSE safety issues update - BCGEU

You're receiving this email as a BCGEU member working at the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure for the attention of Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement (CVSE) staff. The concerns raised are specific to CVSE but the advice given is applicable to all programs. 

We've heard from many of you that there are serious and longstanding safety concerns that need to be addressed within Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement (CVSE). We want you to know our union is listening and taking action. In recent months we have:

  • Raised health and safety concerns at the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure's labour-management committee (the Article 29 committee). We have been asking hard questions and pushing the employer to do more to protect your health and safety. 
  • Proposed the creation of a provincial joint health and safety committee for CVSE, and met with the employer to discuss this proposal.
  • Engaged with WorkSafeBC to share safety concerns and get support in pushing CVSE to fully comply with Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) regulations.

Going forward, we plan to take more steps to improve worker health and safety in CVSE, and we will provide you with regular updates. You can also make a big difference in this process:

  • Raise your safety concerns with your supervisor, your steward, and your local OHS representative, or email [email protected]
  • Report ALL safety incidents and "close calls" you experience at work. This means completing and submitting CVSE's incident report form in addition to sending an email to your supervisor. Doing so is critical for accurately assessing the risk of violence and building a strong case for safety improvements.
  • Under OHS legislation and our collective agreement, some incidents or "close calls" require a joint OHS investigation with an employer representative and a worker representative from your JOHS committee. If you think an OHS investigation is needed, talk to your supervisor and your local OHS rep. Find out more about incident investigations here.
  • Become a BCGEU OHS representative at your worksite. Under your collective agreement, every worksite – no matter how small – should have a joint health and safety committee or a worker health and safety representative designated by the BCGEU (see Article 22.3). If you are interested in becoming a BCGEU OHS representative, read the job description and complete the form at With your help, we can build a strong network of workplace leaders dedicated to the health and safety of CVSE staff. 
  • Remember: if your safety is at risk, you always have the right to refuse unsafe work. More information about the process of refusing is available on the BCGEU website here.

We want to acknowledge the important work you do on our province's roads. Every day, you protect the safety of our cities, our environment, and your fellow British Columbians. Your well-being is equally important and must be protected – during a global pandemic and always. We look forward to working together to improve your health and safety in the weeks and months to come. 

In solidarity, 

Rob Davis (BCGEU Component 20 Vice President)
Megan Scott (BCGEU OHS Officer)