Department Chair Recognition - BCGEU

This FYI provides an information update regarding recognition for Department Chair responsibilities.

As many Department Chairs and those interested in the position may already be aware, the Union has been encouraging the University to address the perceived imbalance in recognition for those in the role of Department Chair.

Both the University and the Union have recognized that inequities exist in recognition of the value of the Department Chair role. The VIU/BCGEU Labour Management Committee has been monitoring work to resolve these for several years. Several times in recent years the Union has believed that the University would propose a plan to remedy these.

The VIU/BCGEU Labour Management Committee met most recently on September 17th. The University stated that implementing changes to Department Chair recognition would be too disruptive and would not be cost-neutral as they had hoped for. The Union provided feedback and further suggestions as to directions and solutions that could be examined by the employer.

Your representatives on the Labour Management Committee expressed to the University disappointment in the continuation of recognized inequity in recognition and in the length of time that has been dedicated to this issue with no tangible outcome.

The Union had been very hopeful that this situation would have been rectified by year end, but this is not the case. In fact, given the history of the efforts to resolve these issues, the Union has no reason for confidence that any changes will occur in the foreseeable future.

Notwithstanding the Union's apprehension, at the request of the Union, a subcommittee has been established to work on this issue. Parties will be appointed by both the Union and the University shortly. Intent of committee is to work collaboratively to achieve a solution that provides fair and equitable compensation for Department Chairs in a way that causes minimal disruption to the Bargaining unit.

We expect the University will be seeking BCGEU members to take on the additional responsibilities of Department Chair positions in the near future. BCGEU members at VIU have been expecting changes to provide both enhancement and equitability in Department Chair recognition.

BCGEU representatives on the Labour Management Committee thought it important that we advise you that there is no reason to anticipate enhanced or equitable recognition for these additional responsibilities.

In solidarity


Ernie Gorrie
Staff Representative