Elections for Joint Labour/Management Committee for LifeLabs - BCGEU

Nominations are now open for vacant positions on the BCGEU/LifeLabs Joint Labour/Management Committee.

What is the Joint Labour/Management Committee?

Section 52 of the Labour Relations Code requires all collective agreements to contain a provision for a consultation committee that must consult regularly during the term of the agreement about issues relating to the workplace. Article 25 of the Collective Agreement creates and governs the BCGEU/LifeLabs Joint Labour/Management Committee.

What does the Committee do?

The Committee is responsible to make recommendations to the Union and Employer on (a) matters, other than grievances, relating to the maintenance of good relations between the Parties; and (b) correcting conditions causing misunderstandings, including job descriptions.

How does the Committee work?

The Committee meets at the call of either the Union or the Employer. The chair of the Committee alternates between Union and Employer representatives.

Union representatives on the Committee attend meetings without loss of wages or benefits. Where meetings extend beyond or occur outside of normal work hours, members are compensated at straight-time rates to be taken as pay or paid time off, at the discretion of each member. Scheduling of paid time off resulting from Committee meetings is scheduled by mutual agreement between the member and the Employer.

What positions are included in this election?

  • Vancouver Island Representative
    • One (1) member and one (1) alternate member
  • Regional Representative (from anywhere outside of Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland/Fraser Valley)
    • One (1) member and one (1) alternate member
  • Logistics and CIC (any region)
    • One (1) alternate member
  • PSCs (any region)
    • One (1) alternate member
  • CCB (any region)
    • One (1) alternate member

Note: An alternate member assumes Committee duties if and when a regular member is on an extended leave of absence from work.

How do I become a Committee member?

Joint Labour/Management Committee elections are relatively informal. A Union member from the same region (if seeking a regional position) or same department/classification (if seeking a department/classification-based position) must nominate you using the Joint Labour/Management Committee Nomination Form accompanying this notice and posted in the workplace.

Who conducts elections?

A steward will conduct the vote. Only Union members can vote so make sure you have signed a membership card. Membership cards are available from stewards and BCGEU area offices.

Management must not influence or interfere in Union elections. Report any such irregularities to Bargaining Unit Chair Tricia Dossett and Staff Representative Tina-Marie Bradford at the Lower Mainland Area Office.


Download PDF of notice here.
Download PDF of nomination form here.