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Expression of Interest to work at PGRCC - BCGEU

REVISED: The following is information relating to the request for extra officers to help work at PGRCC due to a shortage of staff.

You work in a union shop and the information below is collective agreement language that is binding between the employer and the union. You are expected to follow these rules with regard to overtime.

As a union member, you cannot agree to work for less than the language agreed to in 16.6 below, regarding overtime. Accepting pay rates other than outlined below would violate the BCGEU's constitution and bylaws and could be subject to penalties, up to and including the loss of your union card.

16.6 Overtime Compensation

(a) Overtime worked shall be compensated at the following rates:

(1) time and one-half for the first two hours of overtime on a regularly scheduled workday; and
(2) double-time for hours worked in excess of the two hours referred to in (1) above;
(3) double-time for all hours worked on a day of rest.
The compensation of overtime in (1) and (2) is to be on a daily basis and not cumulative.

This is important, due to a severe recruitment and retention issue in correctional services. The union will keep you informed on developments regarding this matter.

In Solidarity,

Component 1 Executive

Download PDF of notice here