Facilities Bargaining Election for Positions on the Facilities Bargaining Committee - BCGEU

At the close of nominations we received 9 nominations for BCGEU positions on the Facilities bargaining committee. Dates have not been set to begin negotiations however the elected members will be required to caucus with the BCGEU bargaining committee soon after the elections are completed to help develop bargaining proposals, in addition they will be expected to attend the BCGEU Facilities Bargaining conference on March 23 & 24th in Vancouver.

There are three bargaining committee positions to be elected and two alternates will be elected from those remaining with the highest vote count. Please note in our earlier bulletin it was stated there were two positions however this was an error and there are actually three bargaining committee positions to be elected.

Candidates had the option of providing biographies, these can be found attached to this bulletin.

Please find the attached:

• balloting instructions
• biographies/campaign bulletin (received total of 8)
• ballots, coin envelope and declaration envelope
• postage paid return envelope
• return your ballot by March 1, 2018

In solidarity

Gary Bennett
Staff Representative – Negotiations

Download PDF of notice here