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Fair pay for health care workers - BCGEU

Your union recently learned that a salary supplement has been implemented for excluded staff (non-union managers) in the health care sector. Last Thursday, we sent a letter to the Health Employers' Association of BC (HEABC) to address these pay inequities, specifically seeking an explanation of why they have chosen to provide excluded staff with additional compensation. We have not yet had any response to our letter, but we will update members once this happens. This policy is unfair for the thousands of health care workers throughout the province, and your union sees no reason for this unfair policy to be in place.
This additional compensation for excluded positions, in addition to the recent news of the Nurses Bargaining Association (NBA) agreement granting employees a blanket premium for all hours worked during the month of April, further compounds the inequities health care workers are faced with. With regard to the NBA premium, your union has called on the HEABC to consider implementing premiums for the thousands of other frontline health care workers who are feeling undervalued as a result.
We understand and recognize the sacrifices and risks that members across the health care sector are making to help keep British Columbians safe and healthy during these difficult, uncertain times. You can count on your union to continue fighting for fair pay and safe working conditions for health care workers.