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First Credit Union Agrees to Mediation - BCGEU

Your Bargaining Committee continues to work toward a collective agreement that it can recommend to members. The issues that have not been resolved after more than eight months of bargaining directly with First Credit Union are important. In an effort to achieve an agreement, the BCGEU applied to the Labour Relations Board to have a mediator appointed.

First Credit Union has agreed to participate in the mediation. The mediator has been appointed and the mediation has been scheduled for March 14 and 15 at the Labour Relations Board in Vancouver.

Your Bargaining Committee is hopeful that with the assistance of a third party the outstanding issues will be resolved and that members will soon be able to vote whether to ratify a collective recommended by the Committee.

The officers and the staff of the Union constantly keep in mind the reasons for the Union as stated in its Constitution. Two of those reasons are to:

(b) Achieve the best possible standards of compensation and working conditions for members.

(c) Represent and negotiate on behalf of members for the purposes of negotiating with their employers conditions of employment and to represent members on matters concerning their general welfare.

What Happens Next?

It is common for a mediator to establish with an employer and a Union that neither of them communicate publicly during the mediation period. It may be that the Union will be constrained by this.

You can be assured that your Bargaining Committee will be considering all options to Achieve the best possible standards of compensation and working conditions for members. This includes the mediation process. As in any protracted contract negotiations, the Union constantly assesses whether a collective agreement can be achieved without the need for a strike vote. In most instances, this is possible.

Because every strike, no matter how small, requires full Union support, the Executive Committee of the whole BCGEU makes the decision whether to authorize a strike vote. It would consider that question only after a recommendation from your Bargaining Committee and after considering the issues in dispute.

Your Bargaining Committee remains optimistic of success in mediation, however as a responsible Committee, it is preparing for any outcome.

In solidarity
Wendy Larkin, Bargaining Committee Chairperson
Kimberley Wallace, Bargaining Committee Member
Ernie Gorrie, Staff Representative

Download PDF of notice here.