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More Stewards Needed at Grand Villa

There is a serious shortage of stewards at Grand Villa. We especially need stewards that are scheduled to work during the day so they can represent members at meetings called by the Employer.

You have a right to a steward when called to a meeting by your Employer. However – these rights are only possible when workers step up to the role of steward to support their coworkers.

There are 12 positions for steward at the Grand Villa and currently only 8 are filled. That means 8 stewards are doing the work of 12. Is it your turn to contribute? Do you want to learn new skills? Do you care about justice and fairness?

If you are interested in learning more about this role – please talk to a steward or call the union office at 604-215-1499.

Labour Management Committee

We would like to thank Craig Proctor for many years of service to his coworkers at Grand Villa.

Congratulations to Jackie Butt and Darcy Wardrop on their recent election to be Supervisor Representatives to the Joint Labour Management Committee.

The Labour Management Committee meeting was held on July 10, 2019. It was attended by Alex Lee-Young, Larissa Karpa, Kevin Johnson, Doug Worden and Staff Representative Fateh Born.

If you have a problem in your department that you think could be resolved at this meeting – talk to one of your worker representatives. If you believe the Employer has violated the Collective Agreement, contact a steward to have a Step 1 grievance meeting.

Food and Beverage, Wok Premium – there will be a premium paid for the designated wok shift only in the Chow Lucky Noodle Bar. The premium will be $2.00/hour and will begin July 21st. The premium will be formalized between the Employer and the Union at a later date.

Article 15.11 Shift Pick Process – shift pick has been completed and went smoothly in most departments. Cashier Supervisors will be conducting a repick due to lack of coverage on weekends. Craig Proctor has agreed to act as the union witness.

Download PDF of notice here