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GVCSS Transfer Update - BCGEU

The transfer of home support Community Health Workers and Schedulers to the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority (VCHA) was delayed early in the spring due to the outbreak of COVID-19. The transfer is now scheduled for September 29, 2020.
We do not dispute the decision by VCHA to delay was necessary with the significant uncertainty that came with the outbreak. However, we also understand this delayed a transfer that was a major victory for health care workers in our communities.
Your union has attempted to convince VCHA to move up the transfer now that the initial phase of the illness has been contained. We were not successful and the transfer date will not change, however, we do acknowledge some of the challenges VCHA has in transferring such a large group of employees during a time of physical distancing.
The eligibility of members to transfer should not be impacted by the delay. It is our understanding that if you were eligible to transfer in April the delay should not impact your ability to do so in September.
Once you have made the transition, you will be asked soon after as workers to reaffirm your membership in the BCGEU in order to satisfy requirements of the Labour Relations Board. Your fellow workers from St. Elizabeth and Bayshore have already made this reaffirmation and their support for continued membership in the BCGEU was inspiring.
Thank you for your patience and continued service to the most vulnerable in our communities during difficult times. Again, your union is proud of you!
Scott De Long (Comp 8 VP)

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