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Happy Dietitians' Day – Let’s celebrate our dietitians!

As part of National Nutrition Month, the BCGEU acknowledges and celebrates the important work of dietitians on Dietitians Day.

BCGEU represents nearly 100 dietitians who are members of our Health Services component (Component 4). Dietitians work in residential care facilities, community health centres, population health, home care and community care, long-term care and public health units. They help people improve their health in a balanced, sustainable way, providing information tailored to the unique needs of their clients and communities.

In Canada, dietitians are regulated healthcare professionals licensed to assess, diagnose, and provide nutritional interventions. Their practice is based on applying the science of nutrition to provide the best possible care for individuals and populations.

"I love being a dietitian. Food is transformative with the amazing power to nourish and to heal. Eating ‘real’ foods is the foundation to a healthy lifestyle,” said Sherry Ogasawara, Vice President, BCGEU Health Services Component. “Happy Dietitian's Day to all of my colleagues with appreciation and respect for the amazing work you do each and every day."

Nutrition Month 2017

Every year in March, Dietitians of Canada organizes Nutrition Month to provide information and guidance to Canadians, making it a little easier for them to choose, eat and enjoy healthy food. This year’s theme of Nutrition Month is Take the Fight out of Food! It provides solutions to the most common issues people have with healthy eating and guides people through a process to improve their relationship with food, no matter what they struggle with.

Learn more about this year’s Nutrition Month theme here.