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Hard Rock Casino - Union Management Meeting News - BCGEU

The Union Management Committee meeting was held on May 10, 2019. 

If you have a problem in your department or a great idea to make your workplace better – talk to one of the Union Management Committee Reps about it. If there is a violation of the Collective Agreement – go to a steward to use the grievance process.

Here are some of the highlights from the meeting:

Article 14 Scheduling: As you know, start times are assigned by the Employer in seniority order following the shift pick. Workers have not been permitted to pick their start times. Three grievances filed by individual members related to start times have been sent to the Union's Advocacy (legal) Department for consideration for formal arbitration. The remedy for these grievances, if successful, would be that fixed bid lines include specific start times.

 Article 9 Discipline: The new model of discipline is delayed but will be implemented in June.

Article 30 No Contracting Out: The Employer is supposed to offer security shifts in the Theatre to qualified and available Casino Security Officers before contracting out. If you are a Casino Security Officer working less than 40 hours a week – and you believe you were eligible to work a Theatre Security shift – speak to the Security Manager. If you are not satisfied with their response, contact a steward to start the grievance process.

Appendix A – Wages:  All employees will go up one step on the wage grid on date of ratification (July).

Pro-rating of Stats and Vacation Days: Stats are pro-rated with a calculation on 'regular days pay' and vacation is paid as a % of gross earnings. Therefore, it is possible for stats and vacation to fluctuate. If you think your calculation is wrong your first step is to contact Human Resources for an explanation.

In solidarity,

Your Union Management Committee Representatives:

Katherine Wiebe, Chair
Matthew Ruston – Security
Gordon Barkman – Culinary
Bev Beggs – Guest Services
Mark Fletcher – Theatre
Mark Chun – Table Games
Geoff Kaye – Slots

Download PDF of notice here