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Tip Committee Nominations

Nominations are now open until August 22nd for the Casino Tip Committee. The nomination forms can be found on the Union Board. You can only nominate someone from your own department. Put the completed nomination forms in the mailbox on the door to the Union Office at Hard Rock. Multiple nominations are not needed – one is enough. An election will be held after August 22nd and the new Tip Committee will be up and running by mid-September.

The Casino Tip Committee is comprised of seven members: three from Table Games, two from Slots, one from Guest Services and one from Cage.

We thank the current Tip Committee for their hard work over the last year.

Nominations for the Culinary Tip Committee will come out after August 22nd.

New Disciplinary Model

The Employer is no longer issuing SIRs and PIRs. Instead, they are now using a form of discipline that is standard in labour relations in most workplaces. These types of discipline will be verbal warnings, written warnings and suspensions. Typically, discipline starts with a verbal warning and becomes more serious if the misconduct is repeated. For some serious things, the Employer may give a suspension for a first offense. If you receive any discipline that you think you should not have gotten or it is excessive, you can file a grievance. You must inform your manager that you want to grieve within four days.

The Employer has agreed to follow the principle of similar in nature. That means that they won't progress (go to the next level) unless the misconduct or error is similar. For example, if you are late once you may get a verbal warning. If you are late a second time you may get a written warning. But, if after being late your next discipline is a cash error, then the Employer will most likely start at the lowest level and give you a verbal.

If the Employer decides not to discipline you but wants to help you understand what they expect they may give you a Letter of Expectation (LOE). These are non-disciplinary. They may have been called coaching letters in the past. LOEs do not include any allegations of wrong-doing. They are simply a letter that describes what the Employer expects. LOEs are only grievable if they are written improperly.

If you have discipline on your file from before the strike and it has not been removed from your file – ask a steward to help you try and get it removed. The Union's legal opinion is that all of these should have been removed by 12-months from the date they were issued.


Shift Pick

The next shift pick is expected to be in October.


In solidarity,

Fateh Born
Staff Representative

Download PDF of notice here