Hard Rock Casino Shift Pick and Start Times - BCGEU

Stewards and members of the Bargaining Committee have met with the Employer several times to discuss worker concerns about shift pick. Some improvements to the process were achieved through those meetings but not everything has been resolved.

The Employer's current plan is to have workers pick bid lines that include defined days of rest and their block (days, mids, graves) but not start times. Their plan is to assign start times after the pick. 

Workers want start times included in the shift pick process. Workers want to exercise their seniority rights in choosing start times as well as days of rest.

Your concerns have been communicated to the Employer and they have agreed to meet with us to try and resolve this. As a result, shift pick will be delayed again. We know that members also want to get on with picking to bring stability to their lives and get their vacations picked. However, the Employer offered to meet with us to try and resolve the start times issue and our goal is to do everything we can to make this shift pick the best it can be for workers. 

What can you do? If you want start times included in the shift pick – please SPEAK UP. Tell you Manager you want start times included in shift pick. We need to make sure the Employer understands that all workers want this choice.

In solidarity,

Fateh Born 
Staff Representative

Download PDF of notice here.