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HCN-Revera Lessee - Fleetwood Villa notice of election of Bargaining Committee members - BC General Employees' Union (BCGEU)


  • One position - Bargaining Committee Chair
  • Two positions - Bargaining Committee Member

All positions will be elected by a secret ballot of all staff at Fleetwood Villa covered by the collective agreement.

Those members who are interested in the Bargaining Committee Chair position and in being a member of the Bargaining Committee should they not succeed in the election for the Chair, need to complete two nomination forms - one form for the Bargaining Committee Chair position and one form for a Bargaining Committee Member position.

The "Chair" and "Member" nomination forms are attached. Each nominee for each position may submit one page of biographical information, endorsements, or other campaign information (8 ½ x 11 sheet, black and white) for distribution with the ballot. This must be received no later than one business day after close of nominations and will be sent out as submitted.

Duties of the Bargaining Committee:
The primary goal of a Bargaining Committee is to prepare for and conduct negotiations, with the employer, to renew the Collective Agreement.

Duties of a bargaining committee member:

  • Attend all meetings of the bargaining committee, membership and other meetings related to bargaining,
  • Liaise between members at the worksite and the union,
  • Assist the Staff Representative in the development of proposals,
  • Attend bargaining sessions,
  • Provide feedback and information to the Staff Representative during the bargaining process,
  • Participate in discussions related to the employer's proposals, and assist in developing responses,
  • Assist with member votes or meetings related to bargaining including ratification of the renewal collective agreement.

Duties of the Chair:

  • Normally the main liaison between your members, the Bargaining Committee, and the staff negotiator,
  • Participate fully as a member of the bargaining committee and to take a leadership role within the committee and bargaining unit during and following negotiations.

Previous experience is not required but you must have a signed membership application card on file with the union to run or vote, in an election.

Leave of absence will be provided to allow you to fulfill your responsibilities without loss of pay or benefits.


The employer and union have agreed to negotiate one collective agreement known as a common agreement, that will apply to all members of the union at Fleetwood Villa and Whitecliff. This is because both groups have the same employer – Revera Lessee, and the work is largely the same. Therefore, one of the tasks for the elected bargaining committees will be to decide together how to merge what are now two separate collective agreements into one.


If you are interested, please submit your nomination by fax to (604) 294-5092 or by scanning/sending a picture of your nomination to [email protected] by 5 p.m., Tuesday, February 21, 2023. A reminder that if you choose to submit biographical information it is due no later than 5 p.m., Wednesday, February 22, 2023. Late nominations or biographical information submitted after the deadlines will not be accepted.

An online vote will be held if more nominations than available positions are received. Make sure the BCGEU has your current email address by logging into your Member Portal here.

Feel free to forward this notice to other BCGEU members at Fleetwood Villa and to post on the union's bulletin board(s).

In solidarity,

Zoe Towle, Staff Representative

Download PDF of notice here
Download PDF of bargaining committee chair nomination here
Download PDF of bargaining committee member nomination here