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HCN-Revera Lessee (Sunwood) - Bargaining Bulletin #4: Talks to Resume While Strike Prep Gets Underway - BC General Employees' Union (BCGEU)

Talks to Resume

Your bargaining committee has informed Revera of the strong strike mandate you provided to support your demands for fair wages, benefits, vacation, paid holidays and other monetary and non-monetary conditions of employment. The parties are scheduled to return to the bargaining table on Thursday, January 20th. Your bargaining committee will urge Revera to reach a fair and reasonable negotiated settlement-preferably without having to resort to a work stoppage.

Strike Prep Gets Underway

In the meantime, BCGEU President Stephanie Smith has appointed a strike coordinating committee (SCC) as follows to prepare a strike:






Component 4

Mahen Ramdharry


Local 404

Tim Little


Cross Component Committee, Area 04

Monica Wyllie


Bargaining Committee

Sandy Paine


Bargaining Committee

Linda Richardson

Staff Representative & Lead Negotiator


Ryan Stewart

Staff Representative

Field Services, Area 04

Danica Sladen

Administrative Representative

Membership Records

Phil Dluhy

Building Representative


Calvin Kamensek

Campaigns Specialist

Research and Interactive Services

Jolan Bailey

Communications Officer

Research and Interactive Services

Karen Tankard

Organizing Advocate


Rene-John Nicolas




Occupational Health and Safety Officer

Occupational Health and Safety

Brian Campbell


If Revera remains unconvinced that you deserve the same as other Revera employees in the region doing the same work, the SCC will be responsible for planning and coordinating your strike action. More information will follow.

You can expect to receive another bulletin sometime next week with details of a Zoom-based membership meeting to be held before the next bargaining session on January 20th. In the meantime, please reach out to a worksite member of your bargaining committee if you have any questions or concerns.


In solidarity,

Your bargaining committee:

Sandy Paine, Bargaining Committee Member
Linda Richardson, Bargaining Committee Member
Ryan Stewart, Staff Representative - Negotiations

Download PDF of notice here