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Health Services & Support – Community Subsector Community Health Low Wage Redress Telephone Town Hall Audio Posted - BCGEU

Two telephone town hall meetings were held Monday, April 8 at 1pm and 6pm to explain the application of the low wage redress monies. There were technical issues with the dial out for the 6pm call and unfortunately that meant that many of you couldn't get on to the call. Please accept our apologies for this unanticipated frustration in getting this important information out to you.

We've posted the audio from the 1pm call so that everyone who missed the calls due to availability or because of the technical issues can hear the information.

Here's a link to the bulletin and documents that the call discusses.

In solidarity,

Your Community Health Low Wage Redress Committee:

Scott DeLong, Component 8 Vice President, Vancouver Island Health Authority
Deb Wilson, BCGEU Staff Representative; Brent Camilleri, BCGEU Staff Representative and CBA Chief Spokesperson
Monica Staff, UFCW; Chris Dorais, HEU; Derek Wong, HSA

Download PDF of notice here